Hazmat Disposal Program

Bring your tank(s) to us.  We will dispose of them legally.

We charge to dispose of your propane tank because there is a process we go through to make sure your tank is safe to dispose of.  First, we remove all the product (liquid propane and vapor) from the tank.  Next, we de-valve the tank, to further ensue that there is no more propane trapped in the tank.  After that we submerge the tank in water to make sure that all the residual propane in the pores of the metal are flushed out.  And lastly, we dispose of your tank to a metal recycling company so that you don’t have to.HazMat Disposal Program


  • 8 gallon forklift tank:  $25/each
  • 5 gallon barbecue tank:  $5/each
  • Motor Fuel Tank:  $40/eac

Unless you are a customer of ours that we deliver to we do not pick up your tanks from your location.  Instead, please drop them off at our location: 5140 Elton Street Baldwin Park, CA 91706.




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