Buy A Propane Forklift, Get $750 Back!

The program begins January 1, 2017, and ends December 31, 2017, or when program funds are exhausted. The payment of an incentive under the program or this agreement is subject to available funds. Purchase a new propane forklift – $750 … Continued

Uh-oh! Run Out of Propane?

Avoid Last-Minute Deliveries with This Checklist With just a bit of careful planning you should never run out of propane. Often customers call us for a last-minute delivery because of changes in the shop’s work schedule. We are, of course, always … Continued

Safety Tips for Propane Gas Barbecues

Break out the hamburger patties and start marinating the chicken because it’s backyard barbecue season again – another season for making great memories with friends and family while enjoying a little R&R!  Your friends at Ted Johnson Propane want to … Continued

Propane is On the Move!

There are many commercially viable ways to use propane gas. For instance, did you know that over 350,000 vehicles in the USA run on it? Also – check out these impressive statistics related to propane’s use in transportation! It’s easier … Continued