OSHA Inspections – Will Your Propane Tanks Pass?

When Cal-OSHA comes calling they want to make sure all DOT forklift cylinders are legal.  Some of the violations they look for are broken foot rings or collars, improperly mounted cylinders and leaking cylinders.

A not-so-obvious infraction is an out of date cylinder.  Every cylinder has a date stamped in the collar and all cylinders must be requalified after 12 years from the date of manufacture, and then every 5 years thereafter.

Cylinder requalification is one of the services Ted Johnson Propane provides.  We offer a free tank inspection, so you can see if any of your cylinders are out of date or are unsafe and subject to an OSHA fine.

Requalification costs range from $50 to $80 depending on the repairs needed to bring the cylinder up to DOT standards.  Our free tank inspections let you know immediately if tank repairs are necessary.  Learn more about our tank requalification process here.

Ted Johnson Propane wants to keep you safe and legal.  Schedule your free tank inspection today with Brian LeRoy.

*Requalification specifications are found in the NFPA 58 (National Fire Protection Association) LP Gas Code, Appendix C, Design, construction and requalification of DOT cylinders page 58-81 section C-3.2.4(c).

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