Propane Powered Kubota Lawn Mower

On a beautiful California day in August, Ted Johnson Propane partnered with Kubota, Roush and Diamond A Equipment to demonstrate Kubota’s Zero Turn propane powered lawn mower. The 31 horsepower, 3 cylinder, liquid cooled LPG engine delivers “green” performance while still maintaining the highest levels of productivity.

Not only are you getting great power but you’re also saving on fuel: Propane is $1.99 per gallon compared to diesel at $4.19 and gasoline at $3.89. Want to save an additional $1,000? PERC is offering a $1,000 incentive for those who purchase a propane fueled mower, available for up to 10 mowers purchased. We’re helping you keep cost downs while still maintaining a superior level of machinery!

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