Propane Safety After the Malibu Fires

Los Angeles County— November 9, 2018Today mandatory evacuation of the Malibu area due to the wildfires.  Many homes are powered by propane and therefore here are two things to keep in mind before you evacuate and after.

Before you evacuate: Shut off your propane supply at the tank.  By shutting off the tank at the service value, you protect your valuables from further damage.  Built in to the safety design of your tank is a pressure relief value that will release and reset if fire impinges on your tank, this safety feature preserves the integrity of the tank.

After the wildfire danger has passed, take the time to carefully evaluate the condition of your propane tank and supply lines. Immediately call your local propane supplier if any hazard is observed.  Do not attempt to restore service yourself, let your propane suppliers’ field technician do it.  It’s what we are here for.

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