Safety Tips for Propane Gas Barbecues

Break out the hamburger patties and start marinating the chicken because it’s backyard barbecue season again – another season for making great memories with friends and family while enjoying a little R&R!  Your friends at Ted Johnson Propane want to ensure your memories are only happy ones, so here’s a quick list of ways to ensure your propane gas grill is safe to operate.


Grill Placement:  Keep your propane grill outdoors and well away from anything potentially flammable such as deck railings, under eaves and overhanging branches.


Grill Connections:  Apply leak detection solution to the hose, valves and connections using a brush or spray bottle and look for any bubbles that are formed by escaping gas.  No bubbles?  Terrific – no leaks!  Never use a flame to check for gas leaks. Replace faulty hose(s) using a parts replacement kit before operating.


Propane Tank Safety:  Be sure and locate a reputable propane tank refilling company such as any of the partners in Ted Johnson Propane’s network.  This critical step ensures long term safety while also allowing you to purchase only the propane you need.  Tanks are purposefully under-filled to allow for gas expansion in hot environments.  By law, a 20 pound cylinder should be filled only to 80% of capacity.  Be sure and have the LPG cylinder valve turned to the OFF position (clockwise) whenever your grill is not in use. If you are leaving the cylinder disconnected for a longer period of time or if you are transporting it, be sure that the cylinder valve outlet is plugged.  Never attach or disconnect an LP cylinder, or move or alter gas fittings when the grill is in operation or is hot.

If the tank you’re about to use is looking a little doubtful – dents, gouges, bulges, fire damage, corrosion, leakage, lots of rust etc. we recommend you bring it in for us to inspect.


Grill Maintenance:  Greasy grills pose a fire threat.  Frequent maintenance that removes the grease and fat will alleviate that problem.


Helpful Tip:  Did you know that refilling your propane tank is cheaper than exchanging it?  if you exchange your propane tank, you miss out on the credit you’d otherwise receive for anything still left in the tank.  Save money by only purchasing what  you need!


As the summer BBQ season heats up, you may be looking for a refilling site near you.  Be sure and consider Ted Johnson Propane!  A list of convenient locations can be found here.

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