Uh-oh! Run Out of Propane?

Avoid Last-Minute Deliveries with This Checklist

With just a bit of careful planning you should never run out of propane. Often customers call us for a last-minute delivery because of changes in the shop’s work schedule. We are, of course, always responsive to your needs, but avoiding last-minute propane deliveries saves you time and money.

How can we help you have an adequate supply of propane, prevent unnecessary delays, or incur additional delivery costs?

Call Us When:

  • You add or subtract forklifts in operation.
  • You have forklifts running extra days or on weekends.
  • You no longer have forklifts running extra days or weekends.
  • You have increased forklift activity.
  • Your plant or company is moving.

Propane Forklift Warehouse

The sooner we are made aware of your situation, the sooner we can meet your needs.

Contact Melanie Jaurequi to adjust your current propane delivery schedule.

Dispatcher@TedJohnsonPropane.com or (626) 337-1222 X10

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