Why You Should Consider An On-Site Propane Storage Tank

The best way to avoid last-minute propane deliveries, or running out, is having your own outside propane storage tank on site. For many customers, an on-site storage tank is the cost-effective way to keep their forklifts and other propane equipment operating. Besides cost-savings, a bulk propane tank is much safer than storing several filled forklift tanks inside your warehouse, and it is always available when you need it. This is especially important for customers with usage that fluctuates.

Ted Johnson Propane offers both portable and permanent storage tanks. Portable tanks have a 50-100 gallon capacity. These tanks are ideal for operations without yard room for a permanent tank. They can be rented or purchased and do not need permits or a constructed pad for installation or use.

Permanent tanks have a 172 – 1150 gallon capacity and are the choice of larger operations with adequate outside storage area. A typical user, of 500- gallons or more per month, can save up to $900 per month with a permanent tank. Permanent tanks usually require municipal permits and a concrete pad. We coordinate all permits that are needed and the construction.

Both portable and permanent tanks include repainting as needed, proper signage and all normal maintenance at no additional charge.

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We also offer training for your personnel, in English and Spanish, on the safe and proper transfer of propane from storage tanks to your forklift tanks and other equipment. The training and safety meetings are complimentary for our customers.

A Ted Johnson Propane “propane specialist” will gladly conduct a free, on-site analysis of your storage needs and determine if your yard area and municipality codes are appropriate for an outside storage tank. For more information please contact John Weigel, Operations Manager.

JohnWeigel@TedJohnsonPropane.com or (626) 523-9095

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