For 50 Years Ted Johnson Propane has been recognized as a distinguished leader in the propane industry.

In representation of the American dream, Ted Johnson founded the company in the garage of his San Gabriel home in 1965 when Julie was just a newborn and his wife was expecting their first son.  To differentiate himself from his competitors, Ted from the start committed to making customer service a priority for everyone in the company, from the executive officers to the delivery representatives, while at the same time adhering to the highest standards of safety in the industry.

Through the years, Ted’s work ethic and philosophy proved to be successful as the company flourished through the region and began to build a respectable reputation in the propane industry. In those blossoming years, Julie’s responsibilities grew as well and she was promoted to president in 1992.  Being mentored by her father until 2009 when Ted Johnson passed away.

Julie’s daughter, Alexandria Cesena, is keeping the tradition of having a family-managed company alive; she joined in 2010 and has helped create Johnson Family Propane, which serves residential clients.

“We have been able to proudly distinguish ourselves from our competitors through industry-leading safety education, integrity in all of our business practices, and going out of our way for our clients, all while being environmentally friendly,” said Alexandria Cesena. “Ted Johnson Propane has accomplished a lot in 50 years and I am excited to see what we can accomplish in the next 50.”

“This 50 year milestone celebration allows us to reflect on our history as well as where we are today, which is being the leading propane retailer in Southern California. We are grateful for the good and the difficult days as a business, because they are what have made us what we are proud to call Ted Johnson Propane today.” said Julie Johnson.





Ted Johnson, our founder, built this company on the idea that safety was our #1 priority. Propane is a hazardous material and a flammable gas so it is imperative that we respect the product that we sell and therefore make sound decisions when it comes to our equipment and our actions.


Ted Johnson Propane is committed to ethical conduct at every level of our organization. We must honor all commitments and obligations to our employees, customers and community.


Ted Johnson was an innovator in safety and customer service. Carry on.


When selling a commodity service is the differentiator. It is important that we set the right expectations for our customers and meet them. The customer should be able to rely on each person at TJP to perform their job.


We respect the product we sell, the customers we serve and those we work with.


Mission Statement

Provide propane to commercial and residential customers with an emphasis on safety and reliability in order to develop a loyal customer base.  We differentiate ourselves with industry leading education, customer service and integrity in our business practices. TJP is committed to respect of and contribution to community, client and employee.